Example prompts

How to create an AI GF

It’s easier than you think, but there are also millions of different ways and customization options available. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the power of these tools, so we recommend starting with the absolute basics. Try this:

  1. Click Create
  2. Open the Stable Diffusion Editor
  3. From the recipes row, choose the “Boost” recipe
  4. Copy and paste this prompt
portrait of a beautiful 22 year old Brazilian woman named Adriana Santos, epic boobs

And click Brew, and you’re done!

To choose a different look, click the Advanced menu and instead of one of our easy recipes, choose the model you want.  Try the one called Photon.

Your result should look like the image below:


Video: How to use the Stable Diffusion tool

Examples from our community

You can use these prompts using your private Web UI or in our Telegram Chat Bot.

In Telegram, simply start the prompt with /render

#boost award winning portrait photograph ((full body)) salvadorean 18 years old woman, long black hair, wearing sexy lace lingerie, natural breasts, stockings, highly detailed skin, soft smile:0.8, detailed hands with five fingers, sharp focus, photorealistic, gods rays, cinematic lighting, 8k, film grain

((masterpiece)), (photograph), Korean, huge breasts, ((tiny mouth)), ((smiling)), in the dark, deep shadows <majic6>


(((Cute British adult 18 year old girl, UK, shy, tight, Insta, naked, warm light, Instagram, dilapidated house, golden hour, brunette hair, Britain, sunlight pouring in, selfie, touching belly, ruined building, memories, phone camera photo, healthy weight, confident, nude, small breasts, belly)))


shirtlift Latina, curly hair, hoop earrings, white sweater, big tits, sitting in desk, classroom chilloutmix style  #boost <urpm13>


((Masterpiece, best quality, extreme hentai, rule 34 porn, gimp porn still)) of ((1girl, petite, hourglass figure, tightly bound in latex gimp suit, glowing eyes, bdsm, constricting latex, pain, large breasts puffy nipples, perfect gorgeous face, long beautiful hair)) <urpm13>


GlowingRunesAIV2 orange, woman, casting spells over army in an open field for battle, masterpiece, good quality, realistic,  <deliberate2>


(Real, amateur, college sluts, explicit, candid party sluts, CHi omega sorority porn), ((1girl, sexy, naked, at basement party, college, alcohol, post sorority rush party)), ((medium perky breasts, puffy nipples, giggly, beautiful puffy labia, slutty)), ((cute face, drunk but happy)), ((sexy ass, delicious butthole, pussy)),(soft warm indoor basement lighting, global illumination, dynamic shadows, fine details, wealthy basement)  <realflex2>


((( a pretty indian model, edge style))) best quality, RAW photo, realistic photo  <edge>


8kUHD,extremely beautiful young woman, Semi-Nude <paragon>


(((Cute British adult 18 year old girl, UK, shy, tight, Insta, naked, warm light, Instagram, dilapidated house, golden hour, brunette hair, Britain, sunlight pouring in, selfie, touching belly, ruined building, memories, phone camera photo, healthy weight, confident, nude, small breasts, belly))) <degen>


 /size:768x1024 ((( hyper realism, Pascal Blanche Rutkowski Repin artstation. 1990’s Nickelodeon, ((Penelope)), big ass, (Toha Heavy Industries), feeling alone in a crowd, cargo pants, black top, alabaster skin, cracked background, doubtful pose, perfect face, hyper detailed, jungle theme, sensual smile, black pupil, inked, splash art, minimal, masterpiece, best quality, highly detailed, intricate, art by Carne Griffiths Wadim Kashin, fantasy concept art, 32k resolution, heavy strokes, paint dripping, bokeh, hyper realism, photorealistic, beautiful detailed intricate, insanely detailed, natural skin, award-winning photograph)))))<buttlift:0.6><vivy>


RAW photo, Onlyfans nudes of latina girls, (side view, turned away from camera). crowded goa festival, extremely detailed background, tribal clothes,dancing together, teasing curves, (big breasts), hard nipples, cute smile angle from above <degen>


NSFW, a young 18yo girl, cute face, in a t-shirt, undressing, no underwear, with a medium body and young breasts)), best quality, high quality, high resolution, realistic, (masterpiece), (over-detailed), (hyperrealism:1.2), extremely detailed eyes, (extremely detailed face), (detailed skin), textured skin, (photorealistic, over-detailed:1.2), crazy details, seductive look, cute face, stunningly beautiful, (stands far away from the camera), (gray braids hair), ( pissing in the livingroom), skin details, pores, (female ejaculate from pussy:1.3), ultra realistic, sharp focus, 8K [worst quality:2], [low quality:2], [normal quality:2], [text, a man, a boy, too many person], ((thin body)), ((slim body)), visible ribs, selfie, posters in a room, [panties], [[[hairy pussy]]] <photon>


((( standing vaginal, creampie, close up, bending over standing vaginal close up, photo of beautiful brunette side swept hair skinny woman supermodel wearing black shirt getting fucked from behind by man in a office, (masterpiece:1.3), (perfect face:1.2), professional photoshoot, incredible detail, (best quality:1.3), hd, 8k, (1girl), (1boy) [(creampie:1.2), poorly drawn face, anime, cartoon, 3d render, low quality, blurry, hands, multiple men, poorly drawn lips, poorly drawn mouth, ugly, table, desk, shelf, bending over, extra fingers, poorly drawn hands] ))) [[frame, border, signature, watermark, text, letter, number, deformed iris, deformed pupils, semi-realistic, cgi, 3d, render, sketch, cartoon, drawing, anime, text, close up, cropped, out of frame, worst quality, low quality]] <photon>

cybersex in virtual reality, 8kUHD, Airbrush impressionism <paragon>

sex afterparty, 8kUHD <photon>


internal affairs, masterpiece, 8kUHD <paragon>

What are Recipes?

Recipes (the thumbnails pictured below) are easy presets to give you a distinct art style without a lot of prompt engineering.  For those that want to create something more exact, try this video tutorial from our technology vendor. Our software works in the exact same way.

Advanced Mode

The two major “tricks” to making AI pictures look realistic are (1) pick the right AI base model, and (2) pick good negatives, meaning the things you don’t want to see, like blurry pictures and gnarly hands. Try it out:

Example prompt

A portrait of a beautiful 21 year old Swedish woman drinking a beer next to the river in Amsterdam

Choose a recipe, or add a strong negative

  1. Copy the prompt above into the “Describe Anything” box, this is the “make this” area, the positive.
  2. Click the Advanced button (bottom left)
  3. Click “add concept” and choose a base model. This will determine the overall art style.  You can also add a character or background later, but let’s keep it simple for this tutorial.
  4. In the “but not this” text area, paste this:

You can also add your own words like [big hairy nose] to suppress anything that you don’t want. We’ll explain what those specific “very bad” codes above mean in the advanced tutorials later.

Please note that we are always updating our models, so changes in versions may result in slightly different images. If you aren’t getting good results, or have a question, shoot us a DM on Patreon so we can help.